I have been fighting metastatic breast cancer for 2 years now.

One of my side effects has been very dry hands and cracking of the skin around my fingers and fingernails, which could become very irritating and painful. I bought every cream under the
sun, spending a lot of money with no relief, until my mother in law
purchased your Triple "B" cream from a store in Indianapolis and gave it to me. It has cured all of the cracking and continues to keep my skin from becoming so dry and cracking!  This cream is absolutely amazing and has been wonderful!!!!! I showed it to my oncologist so she could share this information with other patients that might be having the same problem. Thank you for making such a great and helpful product.

Evansville, IN

"Goat Milk:  Nature's Nourishment" for all skin types

Naturally moisturizing with anti-aging properties, soothes skin irritations, & helps maintain properly balanced pH for skin and hair  

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January 2020! 

Just wanted to tell you what a difference your goat milk products have made for me.  I have Lupus and have always had rashes on my face and arms.  Since switching to Bass Farms products that have Neem Oil added my rashes are completely gone!

My son's eczema is much better thanks to Triple B... He no longer screams when it's lotion time, and he happily puts it on by himself now!  Thank you for this GREAT product!

Bass Farms in Shelbyville, IN

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   The kindest business person I've ever encountered!  Jana truly cares for people.

As my sister in law was battling cancer for the second time in her short life, Jana heard about it and sent a box full of Bass Farms products to her to help make her feel better at no charge. Kristin loved them! Although it was a tiny moment during a dreadful time, it was good. And we needed a little good in those moments. 

   Jana didn't know me other than a friend of a friend, and she had never met Kristin or my in-laws. She just truly has a heart for people!

Kristin has since passed away but I'll never forget that kindness! My family and I use and promote this farm and products and we love them!!! They are truly a blessing. Thanks Jana for just being a kind person!  ❤                                                                                             

Trixie W, Connorsville, IN                                                                                                     

Triple B Hydrating Cream™


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