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Goat Milk 
"Nature's Nourishment" for all skin types


"Just wanted to tell you tell you what a difference your goat milk products
have made for me. 
I have Lupus and have always had a rash on my face and arms.
Since switching to Bass Farms™ products plus adding the Neem Oil
my rashes
are completely gone!

My sister has dermatomyositis
(patchy bluish-purple skin discolorations) and your products are the FIRST ever to help her skin!  
She goes to
Johns Hopkins Hospital and is taking some samples of your goods to show them!


"My son's
eczema is much better thanks to
Triple B

He no longer screams when it's lotion time, and
  he happily puts it on by himself now!  
Thank you for this GREAT product!"

"Triple B is truly amazing for just about everything!"

Ten Healing Ingredients

I have a 4 month old and right after she was born she's had this fungal infection behind her ears that if not cleaned frequently during the day smelled horribly.   We've been using a prescription cream from her pediatrician, but finally I decided we were done with that and I was going to try some Triple B.  

 What could it hurt? 
After 3 applications of Triple B, ITS GONE!! 
Just another reason it's our cure-all for everything!"
Jennifer W.