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Goat Milk
"Nature's Nourishment" for all skin types

"Just wanted to tell you tell you what a difference your goat milk products
have made for me. 
I have Lupus and have always had a rash on my face and arms.
Since switching to Bass Farms™ products plus adding the Neem Oil
my rashes
are completely gone!

"My son's
eczema is much better thanks to
Triple B

He no longer screams when it's lotion time, and
  he happily puts it on by himself now!  
Thank you for this GREAT product!"

"Triple B is truly amazing for just about everything!"

Ten Healing Ingredients

I have a 4 month old and right after she was born she's had this fungal infection behind her ears that if not cleaned frequently during the day smelled horribly.   We've been using a prescription cream from her pediatrician, but finally I decided we were done with that and I was going to try some Triple B.  

 What could it hurt? 
After 3 applications of Triple B, ITS GONE!! 
Just another reason it's our cure-all for everything!"
Jennifer W.