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Triple "B"
Entire Facial Line
Repel Away Bug Spray
Pet Shampoo
Repel Away Bar Soap
Java Bean Face Cream

Neem Oil
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The Healing Elements of Nature's Neem Oil

"I brag about your products to everyone who will listen. To understand more, I had the rashes of Lupus for about 6 1/2 years, and numerous varieties of steroids, steroid injections and creams had minimal effect upon the rash. 
When we switched to your non-neem products last fall, I experienced more improvement immediately, but within the first couple days of using the Neem products, everything was gone (except the scars, but I guess you could say they're a badge of honor at this point!). 
My husband was the one always pushing to switch to goat milk products because he just liked the idea, but I kept putting it off because I couldn't find one that clicked.
 I walked into the barn at Bridgeton last Covered Bridge Festival and saw your corner you told me to try the Baby Butt Butter, and I was hooked!
I never would've guessed the difference that encounter would make for me. This has become the purchase I look forward to every month - it's so nice to have a product that not only works wonders but feels like such an" indulgence!"

P.S.  My Rheumatologist in Plainfield, Marcia Johnson, was thoroughly intrigued by the combination of Neem Oil and goat's milk, especially when she saw my arms last week. She wrote everything down so she could tell her other lupus patients about you!

Heidi MGreencastle IN

"My husband Greg and his mom Judy B run the store at the Indiana State Fair, where I was first introduced to your products.
About a month ago I had hamstring surgery. A couple days later I ordered some of the magic
 Triple B Hydrating Cream,

as well as the 10 pack of lotion samples.
I wanted to let you know how wonderful the BBB is on my incision!
I use it on the scar 2 or 3 times per day.

Just today, my surgeon commented on how great it looks
and how well it is healing!

I made sure to tell him my secret." 

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you
and give kudos to your products

Barb B 
Tipton, IN 

Neem Oil Benefits
"Dr. Oz
Love your products!  
I used to use prescription medications on my face ...
It has been over a year now and no more medication!!! 
- R Jackson
  •          "For thousands of years Ayurvedic medicine has used neem oil for skin care and to treat skin disorders. If something has been valued by knowledgeable people for so long, there must be a good reason for it."
  •  "Neem's antiseptic properties are highly effective in treating epidermal conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema."
  •  "Neem oil, which is extracted from the seed kernel is excellent for its  healing properties and is used in creams, lotions and soaps. It is also used in agriculture. The United States Department of Agriculture has been studying Neem since 1972."
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